Help Educate

University Scholarships for Rural Development

Selection Committees

Local Nicaraguan Selection Committees are responsible for administering scholarships at the community level and report directly to the Management Team.

Scholarship Selection Committees are the local, community level representatives of Help Educate. Selection Committees have two principal roles:
1. Select scholarship recipients
2. Ensure that the requirements for continued support are met

Additionally, the Selection Committee has secondary responsibilities that include communicating with the Help Educate Management Team in the United States, partner colleges in Nicaragua, and organizing community service opportunities for scholarship recipients. The Selection Committee represents a variety of interests within the municipalities of El Jicaral, El Jicaro, El Riito, Ococona, Apal
í Nuevo and Tola, Rivas. The committees select deserving students regardless of sex, religion or political party. All actions of the Selection Committee are subject to review by the Help Educate Management Team and the Board of Directors.

El Jicaral Committee

Jose River, superintendent of the school district
Roger Eduardo Cruz, Help Educate Graduate 2011
Marlon Antonio Trujillo, Help Educate Graduate 2011
Herminia Garcia
Carlos Torres

El Jicaro Committee

Petronila Laguna Rivera, Help Educate Graduate 2009
Reynaldo de Jesus Ríos Cardenas
Eric Mauricio Carasco, Help Educate Graduate 2010
Luis Manuel Zelaya Perez

Ococona Committee

The selection committee is managed by a local community savings and credit association and local coordinators:
Sandra Leticia Flores , Help Educate Graduate 2010
Ronaldo Espinoza
Marielena Espinoza
Leilin Flores Medina
Johana Ramos Bustamante