Help Educate

University Scholarships for Rural Development - BETA Version

Our Mission

To provide Nicaragua's future leaders access to higher education.

Our Vision

A new generation of educated and empowered community leaders driving social and economic change in Nicaragua.

Our Values

Education is a right - Access to higher education is a fundamental human right.
Sustainable Development – We believe in responsible development solutions that are designed to maximize the impact of donor funds in both the short and long-term.
Empowerment – Education has the ability to permanently transform lives so that individuals can reach their full potential and take charge of their own future.
Merit based – Students are selected for scholarships based on economic need, academic excellence, and commitment to improve Nicaragua.
Transparency – Help Educate and its partners are committed to full transparency at all levels of our organization.
Apolitical – We do not support any individual party in Nicaragua or in the United States.
Gender Equity – We promote equal access to higher education for both young men and women.
Cultural respect – We believe that development solutions must respect local customs in order to succeed