Help Educate

University Scholarships for Rural Development

Featured Student: Selene Yisel Garcia Garcia

Selene and father

Accounting, UCAN Léon, expected graduation 2016

Selene (pictured with her father) wants to be an accountant, a job that she feels will help to develop her community. She enjoys her classes in Business Administration and Spanish because she has learned communication skills.

Her skills have been put to use by tutoring grade school students who had previously dropped out of school, a community service project she completes as a Help Educate scholar. She says, “I taught what I knew. I had become a leader for them, instilling in them the will to study because they said they did not care. I told them that if they did not study, they would not get ahead. Through this experience, I learned that I needed to value everything I received to be able to transmit it to others.”

Selene also currently works in her mother’s shop in El Jicaral and volunteers through a church youth group to help young alcoholics recover.

Selene states, “I study thanks to Help Educate and I want to make the most out of the money you invest in me. I want to get ahead. You are doing a lot with your help. I thought I would only have a high school degree, and thanks to you, I am a university student. I do not believe there is any obstacle to my career because I will make the best of your efforts and of mine. Thank you and god bless you!”

Her next goal is to pursue a Master’s degree.