Help Educate

University Scholarships for Rural Development

University Scholarship Program

Help Educate’s primary focus is to provide deserving Nicaraguan youth with access to higher education through scholarships. Students submit their applications to the Selection Committee in their area of Nicaragua, and the Selection Committees choose scholarship recipients based on five criteria:

Grades. A minimum average of 85% over the last three years of high school is required in order to apply for a scholarship.

Necessity. Applicants must demonstrate the need for a scholarship based as defined in the Proof of Economic Hardship form. Help Educate is based in the idea that education should be available to everyone, not only those who can afford it.

Personal Essay. Each applicant must present a personal essay with his or her completed application form. The personal essay allows the student the opportunity to describe his or her future goals. Essays should follow the format described in the Guide for Scholarship Application.

Extracurricular Experience. Applicants that have participated in activities outside of traditional academic responsibilities will be given preference over those that have not. These activities may include working with youth groups, community service or organized sports league participation.

Letter of Recommendation. Applicants must include a letter of recommendation in their application. Family members may not write recommendations. References may come from teachers, work supervisors, church leaders, or other community leaders or individuals that know the applicant well. Selection Committee Members may not write recommendations.