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University Scholarships for Rural Development

Peace Corps Partnership

Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) now have the opportunity to partner with Help Educate and community leaders in their own sites to develop and manage a scholarship and leadership training initiative. The initiative will empower new Peace Corps communities to provide scholarship and leadership training to young community leaders, while adhering to Help Educate’s mission and objective.

Scope of Partnership

As a pilot project, Help Educate aims to expand to five additional communities by 2015. Once Help Educate opens its scholarship program in a community, the organization continues to provide one new scholarship per community as long as the committee continues to operate transparently according to Help Educate guidelines – a legacy for both the Peace Corps Volunteer and the founding committee!

PCV Involvement

Working in conjunction with well-established community based organizations or local committees, PCVs would help facilitate their community’s application process, oversee the establishment of the local selection committee, train the selection committee in setting up Help Educate’s program according to pre-established guidelines, and act as a liaison between Help Educate and the committee during the startup phase. The PCV is encouraged to continue engaging with the Community Selection Committee and is invited to collaborate with Help Educate after s/he completes service.

Application Process

Help Educate Peace Corps Partnership One Pager 2016
Help Educate Peace Corps Partnership Application 2016

Applications from rural communities in Las Segovias (Nueva Segovia, Madriz, y Estelí) will be considered. PCVs who are working with well-established community based organizations or committees can apply to enter Help Educate’s program. The outline of the process is listed below.

1. PCV consults with community and fills out
application form. The application deadline is November 20, 2016. Please email applications to Melissa at
2. The Help Educate team will review all applications and decide on finalists.
3. Help Educate’s Nicaragua-based Program Manager will visit finalist communities.
4. Help Educate will make a final decision and let communities know by
December 31, 2016.
5. The Program Manager will visit and train the community committee on our selection methodology and the first scholarship selection will happen in
January 2017.

For any questions, please contact Melissa Matlock at