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University Scholarships for Rural Development

Featured Graduates

The 12 Help Educate graduates since 2004 are leading their communities to a better future every day. Of our graduates, 9 have steady employment and 5 serve on their hometown Help Educate Selection Committee. Click on the names of our featured graduates to read their stories.

Agricultural Production

Erick Mauricio Carrasco, Agricultural Production at UNN Ocotal ’11
German Andres Castillo, Agricultural Production at UNN Ocotal ’11
Luis Manuel Zelaya Perez, Agricultural Production at UNN Ocotal ’10
Hannier Alfredo Moncada, Agricultural Production at UCC Léon ’10

Civil Engineering

Maynor Efrain Narvaez Altamirano, Civil Engineering at UCAN Léon ’11
José Ricardo Salgado Zeledón, Civil Engineering at UCC Léon ’07

Business Administration, Accounting and Graphic Design

Marlon Antonio Trujillo Matamoros, Business Administration at UCAN Léon ’11
Roger Eduardo Cruz Carrero, Graphic Design and Architecture at UCAN Léon ’11
Ileana Patricia Olivera, Business Administration at UNN Ocotal ’10
Yamileth del Carmen Perez, Business Administration at UNN Ocotal ’10
Petronila Laguna Rivera, Accounting at UNN Esteli ’10


Sandra Leticia Flores Espinoza, English at Martin Lutero ’10


Cinthya Corina Zepeda, Computer Systems at UNN Ocotal and Master in Computer Science Colegio Fe y Alegría, Ocotal ’13
Mariluz de Carmen Silva Tremenio, Pharmacy at UCAN ’13
Belinda Ninoska Hernandez Duartes, Pedagogy at Martin Lutero ’14
Keyla Vaneza Flores Duartes, Nursing at Dolores Lopez ’17