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University Scholarships for Rural Development

Featured Graduate: Erick Mauricio Carrasco, Class of 2011


Agricultural Production Systems Engineering, UNN Ocotal 2011

Erick followed in his parents’ footsteps to study agriculture: “I liked working in the fields and thus improving the economic situation of our family. It’s also a career in which one can find a job nearby, and I’ve always wanted to study agriculture. I like that fact that it allows us to help and provide knowledge to other people, without expecting anything in return, even if we don’t have a job.”

The subject of his thesis was nutrition and food Security among rural families, “so that they can have a balanced diet in which they have all the necessary nutrients. I learnt how one can diversify his estate to achieve it.”

Erick believes that youth can benefit their communities: “It’s very important that we become responsible citizens and good communicators . When others trust us, we can help whenever we are needed.”

He currently serves on the Help Educate El Jicaro Selection Committee.