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Featured Graduate: Sandra Leticia Flores Espinoza, Class of 2010

Sandra Flores on right at community bank meeting

English, Martin Lutero 2010

From her first year in high school, Sandra’s best grades were in English. Apart from her love of the language, Sandra enjoys her psychology courses because “[t]o be a teacher, we need to know psychology, to look after and understand the group that we will have in classes.” During her studies, she also volunteered to tutor younger students.

Her dream is to work for her community, even if that does not mean becoming a teacher. Sandra (pictured on the right) continuously volunteers in her community. She is currently on the administrative committee of a community savings and credit group and does trainings through a local health brigade to help people with hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. She also works in a commission to protect the environment and promotes a project for the strengthening of good governance for the development of local municipalities. Her dream is to create a community foundation to fund future programs like these.

Of her university degree, Sandra says, “We learned that teaching is an art. It’s a gift and I felt very fortunate to have learned this skill.”

For Help Educate, she has this advice: “I hope that you can help more young people. Find students that sacrifice themselves to help others. Fight for and reach the goals of your program.”